Our History....

2009, World Wide Mobile, IPHONE & IPOD TOUCH:
Omnilaw brand products and services expands into the MOBILE world, with apps and custom development to meet the productivity and publicity needs of the legal industry.

2003, Services:
Omnilaw services aligns with Synogy, Andromeda, Rite-On, and others to provide a wide range of specialty support products and services for the law firm.

1996, global:
Omnilaw brand information services have supported other companies in the development of their business for the legal and professional fields. Work included development of key web sites for various legal organizations, medical, software vendors, communication consultants. Our advanced work included developing special technology to meet the needs of our clients, such as proprietary collaboration and voting systems. We also brought useful information to our clients, such as information on legally-related software.

Products included:
Homeland Security - Personnel Tracking Software
Websites for Law Firms and Solo Practices
Omnilawtm email addresses
Omnilawtmlawyer e-cards and resumes
Legal Software Prior Art Assistance
Omnilawtm Mall of selected products and services of interest to lawyers
Omnilawtm sales assistance to software companies
2-D and 3-D models and prototyping!

Legal Software Reviewtm ISSN 1080-3475 becomes part of the suite of Omnilaw(tm) brand information services. Legal Software Review(tm) expanded to cover hardware, software, internet and other products and services.

1995, nationwide:
Omnilaw brand information services launched as a new service of OmniLaw International.

1994, Houston, TX:
Legal Software Reviewtm of Lawyer's Press is purchased by Omnilaw International.

1993, Houston, TX:
Knobloch OmniLaw International, Inc. a privately held corporation, is founded to provide business and legal support services to industry.

1983, Saint Louis, MO:
Legal Software Reviewtm began in 1983 as an annual software review publication for attorneys and law firms.

Omnilaw International

A Texas Corporation

Katy (Houston), Texas